fracture management

Easy Living Tips After a Fracture. Tips on how to do daily tasks safely. You may need to do things differently for a while.

What to Do

After fall or accident if the part of the body is swollen & not able to perform the regular work we should suspect fracture in that area.
Apply ice fomentation over the area.
Immobilize the area with cloth or sticks.
If the Patient is involved in accident (High Velocity) Immobilization of Neck with Collar is essential.
Open injury wash with clean water or normal saline & pack with clean cloth or gauze.
Transport safely to nearby clinic or hospital with basic facility as X-Ray & Dressing Remove obstruction to Airway

What not to Do

Do not apply hot water Fomentation on Acutely injured area.
Do not apply coffee powder or cow dung over open wound.
Major Accident – Don’t transport without neck support.
Do not treat without confirming fracture.
Common FAQ – Joint Replacement Surgery.

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